Hem-Onc Care’s mission is to provide world class, latest treatment to cancer patients in Southern Illinois, treatments that integrate patient care, prevention and education.

Core Values

Tradition of caring - Working together to best meet the needs of our patients. Excellence in healthcare happens when we work together. Patient family centered care is a continual effort to be responsive to the needs and choices of each patient and family

Communicating Effectively With Patients And Families - In routine interaction with patients and their families, we open up the lines of communication between patients and families. Our patient education allows patients to play a bigger role in their own care. It also aligns with our patient and family-centered care. In communicating with our patients we make a profound difference by assessing their needs, concerns, readiness to learn, their preferences and the support they need.

Integrity - We believe that integrity is part of being a human being, a wholeness and in this sense it refers more to healthcare and our patients. Preserving patients’ integrity is an important aspect of Hem-Onc Care.

" It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters.” - Mother Teresa ( Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize )

We put love and care in everything we do which brings the best outcome for our patients.

Dr. Sujatha Rao Hematologist / Oncologist

Dr. Sujatha Rao has a decade of experience in diagnosing and treating breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, lymphomas, melanomas, and other different types of cancers and blood diseases

Our Staff


Padmaja SigirisettyOffice Manager


Ashley MurphyONS Certified


Cathy FortagRegistered Nurse


Lana GallRegistered Nurse


Deborah SullivanNurse Practitioner


Alex levelsCNA


Emly BaicesCNA


Victoria ShaeCNA


Kamayuria AcreeRegistered Nurse