Now that you have chosen Hem-Onc Care for world-class latest cancer treatment, our caring and experienced staff will schedule your first appointment.

Your Treatment Management
Your health and well being can be impacted by cancer treatments. Knowing more details on how to manage issues that may arise during treatment.
Please ask your doctor for fatigue, pain management, nausea, side effects, supportive cancer care and any other concerns you have.

Cancer Survivorship
Diagnosis is the first step of cancer survivorship and it goes long after treatment. Hem-Onc Care helps in care and guides to help cancer patients of the best possible quality of life, at every step of your cancer journey.

Getting Support
Take all available support services. Cancer care goes beyond active treatment. Ask us to guide you with Counselling, support groups, complementary therapies and activities are available for patients and their caregivers.

Clinical Trials
Access to latest clinical trials at Siteman Cancer Center by referrals. Ask Dr. Rao if you could be eligible for any ongoing clinical trials.

Dr. Sujatha Rao Hematologist / Oncologist

Dr. Sujatha Rao has a decade of experience in diagnosing and treating breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, lymphomas, melanomas, and other different types of cancers and blood diseases

Our Staff


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